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Unraveling the Mechanics of Stroke Rehabilitation at NeuroLink

Stroke Rehabilitation

Embarking on the journey of stroke rehabilitation at NeuroLink is akin to reclaiming one’s life to the fullest. The process, demanding patience, dedication, and professional care, extends its reach beyond the physical realm, encompassing emotional and social facets.

Stroke rehabilitation at NeuroLink employs multidisciplinary approaches tailored to diverse body types, comorbidities, and the specific impairments caused by the stroke.

Physical Activities Include:

  1. Motor-Skill Exercises: Designed to enhance muscle strength and coordination.
  2. ADLs Training: Occupational therapists empower patients to independently perform daily activities.
  3. Mobility Training: Equipping individuals with skills to use mobility aids, like walkers, canes, or wheelchairs when necessary.

Technology-Assisted Physical Activities:

  1. Functional Electrical Stimulation: Strengthens weakened muscles through targeted electricity application.
  2. Robotic Training: Utilizes robotic machines for precise, repetitive, and efficient movements.

Cognitive and Emotional Activities:

  1. Therapy for Cognitive Disorders: Psychologists, occupational therapists, and speech therapists collaborate to address cognitive losses.
  2. Behaviour Therapy: Cognitive behavior therapy aids patients and families in managing post-stroke behavioral challenges.
  3. Swallow Therapy: Enhances swallowing abilities, minimizing the risk of aspiration pneumonia and ensuring adequate nutrition.
  4. Speech Therapy: Facilitates the regaining of communication and speech.

Duration of Stroke Rehabilitation:

The duration varies based on stroke severity. While some experience swift recovery, most cases require long-term rehabilitation spanning weeks to months.

Settings for Stroke Rehabilitation at NeuroLink:

  1. Inpatient Rehabilitation Units
  2. Day Care Rehab Facilities
  3. Outpatient Units
  4. Home-Based Programs

Success in Stroke Rehabilitation:

Approximately 10% recover instantly, with 25% experiencing slight disabilities. About 40% face moderate to severe impairments requiring specialized assistance, while 10% need long-term care. Success hinges on physical, emotional, and social factors, coupled with therapeutic interventions. A committed mindset and positive spirit pave the way for substantial post-stroke improvement, fostering a healthier and better life.

For more information or to book a consultation, visit our website or call us at +919703030405. You can also find us at 388, Sector – 39, Gurgaon – 122022. Follow us on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn for the latest updates and insights.

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