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People commonly think that a stroke occurs in the heart, whereas in reality, it happens in the brain. In medical terms, it is seen as a brain attack due to sudden clotting or blockage in the brain. Because of that, the blood is unable to reach the required part of the brain, and a person suffers from a stroke. 

A stroke often leads to body paralysis, which requires quick doctor treatment, and if no such help is available at the moment, few steps can be taken with the patient so that the chances of paralysis can decrease. 

But worry not—we’ve got you covered with this blog. In it, we will learn more about the early symptoms and reasons why Stroke occurs, along with the first mantra given to patients in an emergency. 

What does Stroke or Stroke Paralysis mean?

A stroke is referred to as a brain attack which occurs due to a sudden stop in blood flow. A specific part of the brain cannot get the required oxygen, which kills the brain cells in that area of the brain. 

This interruption in blood flow blocks the blood vessels in the brain. During this blockage, various brain cells die due to the absence of oxygen. Some die quickly, while others exist for more extended hours in a weakened state.  

However, a stroke is an urgent medical emergency, and people need to think “FAST” so that the chances of damage to the brain can be reduced. A stroke can be treated well if complete care is taken during the process and after the therapy sessions, as a stroke often leads to paralysis in the patients if not treated immediately.  

Stroke Paralysis

Paralysis is a condition in which the patient cannot move a specific body part due to a disruption in the communication between the brain and muscles of the paralyzed part. 

Due to this, a patient needs to have an immediate Stroke Paralysis Treatment so that the chances of anything becoming more severe or fatal can be eliminated timely. However, a stroke paralysis treatment or medication is not only required to recover from a stroke. Proper stroke rehabilitation is also needed. 

Stroke Paralysis is also known as “Hemiplegia.”

For this, one can concern or consult for a professional and experiential paralysis stroke treatment in Delhi at NeuroLink. 

NeuroLink provides a well-developed stroke and paralysis treatment in Delhi. Where we aim to bring you back to your healthy life, in which dependency on someone does not exist, with our specialized doctors with years of experience in stroke paralysis treatment. 

Here at NeuroLink, we provide Stroke and paralysis treatment in Delhi, which we will discuss in this blog. But before that, it is necessary to understand certain things about Stroke to prevent it from happening in the future. 

In a paralysis stroke, it is seen that the paralysis occurs in the direction opposite to the direction in which the Stroke occurs. 

It leads to severe damage to that part of the brain, interrupting the body’s functioning. 

Now let us discuss the symptoms of Stroke, which one should never ignore, as your ignorance of your health can cause fatal damage to your body and life. 

Intense headaches

Everyone experiences headaches, but when they are extreme, one should consult a doctor because a durational headache can be a symptom of Stroke.

Sudden dizziness

Sudden, severe dizziness can be a sign of a stroke. If you experience unexpected dizziness, especially with balance issues, consult a doctor immediately.

Difficulty in communicating

Sudden trouble speaking or understanding speech can indicate a stroke. If you experience this, seek medical help right away.

Nauseous or Vomiting

A sudden feeling of vomiting can also be a symptom, though, through this symptom, it might be challenging to think of a stroke. So, one should keep this in mind: if a person is feeling nauseous along with any other stroke symptom, then it is necessary to consult the doctor.

Sudden numbness

If you cannot move your hand, face, arm, or leg suddenly, it can be a symptom of Stroke. Thus, this inability must be on one side of the body; one can call it a symptom of stroke paralysis, facing difficulty smiling or speaking.

These are some symptoms that people experience but resist for only a certain period and soon disappear. 

It could affect a person in so many ways, be it in terms of memory, speaking ability, or any other difficulties commonly seen in people suffering from Stroke.

Effects of stroke paralysis

During a stroke paralysis, every person faces specific common problems in which that particular body part is seen as damaged. 

  1. Muscular Movement is a motor sensory impairment in which the person cannot move their muscles properly. Any impairment in the brain causes this damage, but it will be seen on the side opposite to the affected muscle side in the body. 
  2. The problem in cognition – Memory is poorly affected in terms of Stroke because the damaged part of the brain is not receiving adequate blood and oxygen, which makes it difficult to function
  3. Difficulty in expressing emotions- It is commonly seen how, in the post-stroke period, people go into depression, which makes it difficult for them to express their feelings appropriately. In contrast, paralysis also worsens their ability to express emotions adequately.  
  4. Problem with speaking or communicating properly – People with stroke paralysis often experience difficulty in communicating things freely, and speaking is difficult because paralysis affects the functioning of their face as well.

It is a symptom that is seen in people, and if not taken into consideration, it makes it difficult for people to handle the stroke paralysis situation later. 

First aid for Stroke Paralysis treatment

First aid is significant in any emergency, and it must be given smartly; otherwise, a minor mistake while providing first aid can lead to severe situations later on during stroke paralysis treatment.

But in the case of stroke paralysis, the first aid is called “FAST.”

  • F stands for FACE, where a person should make the person smile while experiencing a stroke. 
  • A stands for ARMS, in which the person giving first aid to the patient should make the patient move their arms in simple ways, such as upwards. If the patient is unable to move their arms upwards or the arms fall downward, then the person is facing a stroke. 
  • S stands for SPEECH. In this, ask the patient to speak a simple phrase and smile. See if the person’s speech is slurred. 
  • T stands for TIME. In the case of stroke paralysis, “time” is the most essential element to consider. 


After Stroke Paralysis Treatment, one should look out for stroke rehabilitation to speed up recovery. NeuroLink provides one of the best Stroke and Paralysis treatments in Delhi. With their extensive therapies and exercise, they help you with your speedy recovery. 

In their stroke rehabilitation period, they include the following activities:

1. Physical Activities – In this, they help you with the 

  • Motor exercise focuses on strengthening muscles and restoring your body’s moving power.  
  • ADLs activities:They help the suffering patient empower themselves by independently working on their daily activities. 
  • Works on the patient’s Mobility power

2. Cognitive Activities – They look after the swallowing power while working on behavior, speech, and memory. 

Along with other extensive methods, these are ways to empower the patient.

So, to learn more about paralysis stroke treatment in Delhi, contact NeuroLink, a rehabilitation center for Stroke and Paralysis Therapy in Delhi, “where excellence meets compassionate care.”   

Frequently Asked Questions

Stroke Rehabilitation is a procedure of various therapies conducted for/with the patients to help them cope with different skills that might be difficult for them to perform when they face stroke paralysis.

If a person around you suffers from a minor stroke even, you should call an ambulance immediately so that you can decrease the chances of having another stroke.

There are a few types of strokes that a person can suffer: Ischemic Stroke, Hemorrhagic stroke, Transient Ischemic Attack (mini-stroke), Brain stem stroke, and Cryptogenic Stroke.

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