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Meet our Doctors

NeuroLink Gurgaon: A Premier Destination for Neurological and Orthopedic Rehabilitation. Our expert therapists offer both in-patient and out-patient care, ensuring a comprehensive, personalized recovery journey for each individual. Specializing in advanced rehabilitation techniques, we provide top-tier support for a range of conditions, including spinal injuries, stroke recovery, and muscular disorders. Experience holistic healing with our dedicated team, committed to nurturing independence and quality of life in a state-of-the-art facility.

Dr.-Anuradha-tyagi NeuroLink Rehab

Dr.Anuradha Tyagi

MPT cardiopulmonary - Senior Physiotherapist

Dr.-Pujan-Mahrjan NeuroLink Rehab

Pujan Maharjan

MPT Neuro - Senior Physiotherapist

Dr. Shaily Sharma NeuroLink Rehab

Dr. Shaily Sharma

MPT Ortho - Senior Physiotherapist

Dr.-Shubham-Rathod NeuroLink Rehab

Dr. Shubham Rathod

Phd - Senior Physiotherapist

Dr.-Vandana-yadav NeuroLink Rehab

Dr. Vandana yadav

MPT - Senior Physiotherapist

Dr.Faraz-Ali, NeuroLink Rehab

Dr. Faraz Ali Khan


Dr-Rajika-Chouhan - NeuroLink

Dr Rajika Chouhan

BPT - Senior Physiotherapist


Dr. Mohd Furkan

BPT - Physiotherapist

Dr.Mandeep, NeuroLink Rehab

Dr. Mandeep

MPT neuro

Mahesh NeuroLink Rehab

Mahesh Babu Ganidikota

MBA - Head Operations and Marketing

Begin your journey to vibrant health.


NeuroLink Rehab

Aarav Sharma


Pain-Free Living

I found relief from chronic back pain at NeuroLink. Their personalized care made a real difference. Now, I’m pain-free and active. Thanks, NeuroLink!

NeuroLink Rehab

Riya Patel


NeuroLink's Impact

NeuroLink Rehab has been a blessing for our family. The pediatric team’s expertise and compassion transformed our child’s life. Grateful for their nurturing care.

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